AMARDA 24/7 REVIVAL TONER 500ml (16.9oz.)


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PRODUCT 🌿AMARDA 24/7 REVIVAL TONER 500ml (16.9oz.)🌿

📌Purified water❌ 70% of toner contains Centella asiatica extract.
📌Skin protection and soothing effect . Contains 70% of Centella asiatica leaf water.
📌 mineral water, which contains 12 to 15 times more oxygen than purified water.
📌German 'Glylceryl Glucoside' that delivers moisture deep into the skin for vitality Resurrection plant ingredients that revive the skin.
📌All ingredients are green grade. Safety index rating for each cosmetic ingredient 
📌Human skin primary irritation test for 'Amarda toner'
📌500ml Large-capacity toner that can be used as a mist or skin pack!
📌for all skin type